Health Benefits of Wearing silver jewelry

While you might think of silver as a precious metal, it’s actually one of the most abundant elements on Earth. The amount of silver in the Earth’s crust is estimated to be over 100 times greater than that of gold.
What’s more, silver is very affordable. In fact, a good quality silver necklace can cost you around $20.

Here are a few health benefits that this friendly metal provides:

  1. It kills harmful bacteria

As we all know, due to the increasing pollution and global warming, our environment and bodies procreate tons of harmful bacteria. Silver doesn’t taste too much, but it adds a little flavor to whatever has been served in it. Hence in the olden days, people used to eat off these silverware plates. In the early 80s, owning silver was a great sign of luxury, but now in modern times, it’s become quite affordable.

  1. It is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction

Most people are allergic to most metals. Silver is one of the rarest metals that is hypoallergenic. Metal allergy causes rashes on the skin, but silver on the other hand is a soft, healing metal.

  1. Mental Tranquility

Silver rings are used across the globe to relieve mental stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health related issues. It is a simple common accessory used to battle these tough issues. It has a soothing tone which results in giving the owner of the piece a state of metal calmness.

  1. Agony Reliever

The treatment of diseases that affect the joints can be partially done with silver.


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